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Name: Olaf.

Steam Profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Lushious/

Age: 24.

Location: Norway.

Previous Mount & Blade Experience (If Any): 4750 hours in Warband, 10 in Bannerlord. At one point compared to infamous furry Leon in melee skills and said to be superior to Ghost in marksmanship.

Maester then RoyalGuard in House York that merged The North with the Dutch House Blackfyre in 2014 (so I know how to stab you in the face for both medical and lethal purposes),

Praetorian in Robb's Western Roman Empire and Greatjon's Roman Empire after that, a Huscarl in Bawo's House Yngling (pls forgive), Ranger in House Stark and House Pendragon in 2015,

Aventurier in Kingdom of France and Ballistarius in Robb's Roman Empire, then Ranger to Ser in House Stark in 2016,

I was a Knight in Eddard's House Reed in 2017, and inexplicably went from Ser to Footman in The North around mid-2018 and I coincidentally stopped playing after that.

Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes.

Why did you decide to join the Roman Empire?: Saw that a multiplayer mod for Bannerlord was made recently and thought it would only be a matter of time until the game would be made fun through a PW-esque mod... and also I kinda missed you cunts.

Do you agree to uphold the Roman Empire’s rules and follow them?: Sure thing, buddy.

Do you agree to serve the Emperor of the Roman Empire and the People of Rome?: The Emperor? Sure. His supporting officers? Yeah I guess. Its the People I'm worried about.

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