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Application - TheLichKingZeyd [Accepted]

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Steam Profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121777245/



Previous Mount & Blade Experience (If Any):warband and it's expansions/mods

Do you have Teamspeak?:yes

Why did you decide to join the Roman Empire?: most members seem to be ex-House stark members, I felt like PW might be coming soon to banner lord or a similar mod at least and figured and join and waited since when House stark was dissolved I remember that it was said that a new house would be formed with bannerlord comes outso I figured I'll join and wait

If Applicable, Who told you about Rome?:no one did.

Do you agree to uphold the Roman Empire’s rules and follow them?:I am the LAW!

Do you agree to serve the Emperor of the Roman Empire and the People of Rome?: what if there is neither?

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