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Application - Jonathan [Pending]

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Name: Jonathan (or most people call me Law)

Steam Profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheLawsFire/

Age: 17

Location: New Zealand

Previous Mount & Blade Experience (If Any):  None (I'm here for the EU4 bb)

Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes

Why did you decide to join the Roman Empire?: World Conquest, and pancakes. Lots of pancakes.

If Applicable, Who told you about Rome?: [VG] Hypnotic

Do you agree to uphold the Roman Empire’s rules and follow them?: Aye

Do you agree to serve the Emperor of the Roman Empire and the People of Rome?: Yeah, as long as its the third Rome

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We have a minimum age of 18, this isn't because we post or do anything that requires someone to be 18 but because virtually all the players are over 18 and some are even 25+ so I think its a good age to set the minimum around obviously with exceptions,

You have Hypnotic so you can join next EU4 game but just note you are in New Zealand so ping might be an issue but we have played with Kiwis before and its not been laggy 

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