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What is Varangian Gaming?
With it's origins under the name Varangian Guard, we grew from the game Mount and Blade: Warband, specifically the Persistent World module, creating some of the most successful clans such as House Stark, North Sea Empire and the Byzantine Empire, as well as  2nd United States Sharpshooters for North and South and the 1st Evil Brigade on the Napoleonic Wars Module. 

From this we always retained a large group of people under the aforementioned name Varangian Guard for several years, we've loved every moment of this and we have decided we would like to share this with a larger group.

How does this work?
We own a dedicated server to run large events and persistent services on many games. As a community we strive to provide a friendly, loyal and unique atmosphere. In summary we provide quality-assured servers with optimized performance, across a wide range of competative and carefree games to deliver the best experience, every time for our members.

Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy as we have, as we cover a wide range of games and experiences you will find something for all tastes here. If you prefer to knuckle down with a disciplined group and do some MILSIM missions, we are here for you just as much as we provide for people who prefer a more relaxed experience.

How is this Organised?
We have a large and dedicated team of moderators, managers and representatives to make sure that everything always runs with the smoothness we guarantee for our members. If you are interested in joining a quick application is all it takes.

If you have a game or a group you’d like to bring along our moderators or managers will be happy to set this up for you, ready for you to connect and play.
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