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  1. Name: Tombt78

    Steam Profile: Tombt78 

    Age: XVII (17)

    Location: Anglia (England)

    Mount and Blade Experience: Et fornicata es in filiis quoque Warband semel in warband prius stat.
    (Had Warband and played in a clan once in warband until they folded)

    Teamspeak: Ita (Yes)

    Why did i join: Sic comminuet, et ego Imperii Romani litigiosus potest Sancti Galli.
    (So i can serve the Holy Roman Empire and crush the quarrelsom gauls) 

    Do i agree to uphold the Empires Rules and Follow them: Ita(Yes)

    Do i agree to server the Emperor and Rome: Ita(Yes)

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