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In order to maintain a friendly and welcoming community, the following rules are enforced by our Global Moderators across all platforms (Gameservers, the Forums, Teamspeak3). Breaches of them are likely to result in lengthy global (all platform) suspensions or even permanent removal from the community.

  1. Any use of illegal game modifications or intentional use of obvious game glitches for an advantage will result in a global ban across all platforms.
  2. All users, across all platforms, are to be respectful to each other at all times. We encourage light hearted and mutual playing around with each other, however users partaking in the following are liable to receive a global ban;
    1. Intentionally releasing personal information about other members, such as names, photographs, addresses etc- this is likely to result in permanent removal ,
    2. Harassing other members,
    3. Repeatedly trolling/not respecting game rules- we expect everyone to be here to enjoy playing the games we host, not to be here to try and ruin it for others.
  3. We are a community of mostly adults, so although we do not enforce a minimum age requirement anyone under the age of 16 who wishes to join will have their application assessed by a Community Manager rather than a Global Moderator. Applicants under 16 are likely to still be accepted, however you may be asked to minimise VOIP use in certain circumstances.
  4. Do not share pirated content on our platforms. The content will be removed and the responsible users are liable to receive global bans.
  5. Due to not having a minimum age requirement, we do not allow links to any pornographic or graphical content on any of our platforms.


In addition to these global rules, each platform will have their own specific rules and punishments enforced by Game Admins. These are specific only to that platform, along with any resulting punishments.

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